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Individualized medicine involves taking a look at your unique biochemistry and physiology.

Certain lab work allows us to dive deeper into the root cause of what could be causing your concerns.


Laboratory Testing

Laboratory testing is another piece to your unique puzzle. With the results we can tailor a healthcare plan to your distinctive health goals.

Laboratory Services

Appropriate testing allows for a more accurate way to better determine your healthcare needs.

Through the use of private labs, comprehensive lab testing can be ordered for the following:


  • Female hormone panel

  • Make hormone panel

  • Adrenal function


  • Food Sensitivity testing

  • SIBO (Small Intestine Bacterial Overgrowth)

  • Comprehensive Stool Analysis

Vitamin D & Neurotransmitters

(This list is not exhaustive, we have access to many others available)

Laboratory testing can provide a deeper insight into the potential causes for how you are feeling. It gives us a better foundation to work from, and can help us get to the positive results you want quicker.

How it works:

  • In your initial visit we will take your case history and determine if there are any labs that would be relevant for us to order.

  • Once we get results we can better tailor a treatment program for your needs.

A Friendly and Calm Environment

You can feel relaxed and at ease when you walk through the door. I like to take a friendly and calm approach to patients as there is no need to add more stress to your concerns.

A Safe Space

You can only begin your healing processes if you feel comfortable in your healing space. I like to create a space where you can feel like yourself, open up and share with me without feeling like you are being judged. Only then can healing begin.

Get ready to be Listened to

Grab a cup of tea and take a seat in a comfortable chair, I’m here to listen to you. Tell me your story, your concerns and your hopes as we work together through your health journey. So much healing can happen just by feeling like you are being heard. I will listen to you.

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So... are you ready

to dig deeper and finally start feeling like yourself again?

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